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"Michelle is a fantastic teacher and makes the adult classes really fun. I really like that the exercises for the adult ballet class change every couple of months as it keeps the classes interesting and challenging. She gives lots of options in the class to suit all levels of experience. New sequences are taught at a slower pace which helps me to understand and improve my positioning. I would really recommend the adult classes to anybody who wants to try a dance style for the first time or is thinking about dusting off the ballet/tap shoes again!"

Charlotte, Adult Tap/Ballet

"My daughter started and I know Michelle from the primary school. Jenna has a lot of potential and Michelle is unlocking that talent and helping children like Jenna follow their dreams. they are all very kind and very supporting. I would definitely recommend this dance academy.***** five stars."

Katherine, Parent

"My daughter has been dancing with Michelle for several years. She joined a ballet class taught by Michelle after years at a previous school, at a point at which her interest was flagging. Within one lesson she was captivated.

My daughter now attends ballet, tap and modern, cheerleading and Spins, Splits and Tricks with Michelle and is waiting by the door half an hour early every session, desperate to get there. Michelle is brilliant with the pupils and their progress is very clear, when you peer through the windows or watch a show, but they also have so much fun. The mix of both girls and boys in the classes is refreshing to see and we have noticed a huge improvement to her body confidence, balance and self esteem over her time at Strong Feet. We cannot praise Strong Feet enough and love them so much that we are moving our younger son and daughter to classes with Michelle next month. They can’t wait!!"

Martina, Parent

"Michelle is great! My daughter really looks forward to her Pre-school class every week and has learnt so much."

Laura, Parent

"Ava is besotted with Miss Michelle! And loves her classes x the shows they put on are seriously impressive! Highly recommended!"

Sarah, Parent

"Great class tonight, thanks Michelle. Think I need a bit more practise though."

Sophie, Dance Fit

"My daughter has been a member of strong feet dance academy since she was very small an loves attending. Seeing how far she has come an now is a proper tiny dancer about to take her first exam! The children really enjoy their session with miss Michelle who keeps them focused but fun"

Christiana, Parent


"When Michelle was principal of her Dance Academy in St. Annes back in 2009, myself and a couple of friends joined her adult tap class, I was 47 at the time and found it fun as well as being good exercise. We even took part in a small sequence during one of the shows she put on. I would highly recommend it to all mums and grandmas."

Carole Ward, past student



"I just wanted to thank you for always being by my side and helping me get better at my

dancing; especially in ballet. You are always there and willing to listen when I need to talk.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for treating me very kindly when times

got rough for me. When I count my blessings you are always one of the most important

people in my life along side Mum, Dad and my grandparents. Thank you so much again!

From Hannah xxx"

Hannah Wright, Student




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