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Ballet Glossary


Pony gallops

Point and close forward


Runs on toes (with dancing arms)

Pony trots

Little jumps and big jumps

Sways and Gallops


Pointe and Close to 2nd position

Echappe saute to 2nd

Spring points

Step close step and hop, foot derriere

Galops forwards and sideways

Step close step and point

Sautes in 1st and 2nd

Pas de Cheval

Petites Jete's derriere 

Echappe = to escape

Saute = to jump

Derrier = behind

Devant = in front

Pas de Cheval = step of a horse

Petite = small

Jete = to throw

Grade 1

Saute to 3rd

Preparatory glissade devant and derriere

Petites jete's devant

Pose temps lève attitude devant

Step close step hop progressing forwards

Walks with Stretched feet


Compound step

Arm positions 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th 5th

Glissade = to glide

Pose temps lève = step hop

Pose = step

Changement = to change

Dégagé = to disengage

Retire = to draw up

Grade 2

Walks on demi point

Attitude ordinaire a terre

Releve 5th

Glissade devant and derrière in 1 count

Simple coupe (over and under)

Chasse en avant

1st Arabesque a terre


Jete's derriere 

Polka step forwards and sideways

Demi-point = half toe

a terre = on the floor

Releve = raised

coupe = to cut

Chasse = to chase


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