Returning to class

 Covid-19 Guidance



What we are asking of parents & students:



  • Please inform Miss Michelle if this is the reason for absence and the class will be put on to the google classroom or streamed live via zoom for the student to catch up with.


  • Parents are not to enter the studio or stairway. Students will be collected from the bottom of the stairs prior to their class commencing at this point their temperature will be taken and a quick verbal check to ensure they do not have any symptoms. They will be returned down to the car park and the end of their session. Miss Michelle will wait until all students are collected. Please make sure you are prompt with time keeping as time is needed between classes for cleaning and airing. If you need to enter the studio for whatever reason please inform Miss Michelle via text or email before hand so arrangements can be made.


  • Children should arrive dressed in their uniform and only bring their dance shoes and a water bottle with them in to the studio. Please take any coats home with you.


  • Some class times have been shortened to allow a 15 minute cleaning and ventilation period between groups. All Saturday classes will finish at quarter to the hour. Tuesday Grade 1 classes will run to 25min per session and finish at 18:15 to allow a 15 minute break before the Senior classes. Cheerleading will finish 10 minutes early at quarter to the hour. Adult tap will finish 10 minutes early at quarter to the hour. If you are unsure about timings, please check prior to the class time to ensure punctuality.


  • Please could you ensure all children use the toilet before arriving at the studio. 


  • Children must wash their hands on arrival at the studio.


  • Uniform should be removed once they get home and washed straight away.


  • Students must have appropriate footwear to dance in, we will not be allowing dance in bare feet and will not be loaning shoes at this time. If you need new uniform please let us know ASAP so we can make sure we have enough shoes in stock to support this demand. Ballet shoes may be worn for modern dance/SST. Cheerleaders should have clean indoor only cheer shoes or trainers.


What we have put in place to keep your children safe:


  • There is a hand sanitiser dispenser on entry to the studio for students to use as they arrive and before they have a drink.


  • We have replaced the towels for paper towels in the bathrooms.


  • We will take temperature checks of all students and staff on arrival, those with a temperature will be asked to wait for 5 minutes before re-testing, if they still have a temperature we will ask that you take them home and we will put the lesson on google classrooms/zoom for them to do at home.


  • We have marked the stairway and barres with 2 metre distancing tape to aid with the children’s social distancing.


  • We have limited the numbers in each class to make sure we comply with the current guidelines.


  • We will allocate dance spaces for each student to enable them to adhere to social distancing.


  • We will be finishing lessons 10 or 15 mins early (depending on the class) to allow for cleaning and airing times between groups.

  • The studio high touch areas (such as barres, windowsills, doors, etc) will be wiped down between sessions with the floor and the rest of the studio being cleaned daily.


  • We have marked out areas for the children to change their shoes in, these areas will also be cleaned at the end of each class.

  • If a child feels unwell whilst in class, they will be moved to the office area with the windows open whilst the parent/guardian is called to collect the child.


  • We will still administer First Aid where necessary and will wear PPE whilst looking after your child if we have to be closer than the 2m social distance.


  • If a correction has to be made to a child’s technique to prevent injury and this can’t be done without a hands on approach, staff will wear a face mask whilst in the close proximity and this will be done in as short a time as possible


  • We will not do any hand holding or partner work and we will not be using any props until guidelines change.


  • All staff have taken a covid-19 awareness course and will continue to keep up to date with government guidelines.